Indoor Flowers

Today is supposed to be drizzly, soggy, and downright rainy. Especially this afternoon and evening. So, what am I going to do since I can’t work in the garden?  

Indoor flowers


 I guess I’ll pick up the book I’m currently reading, and get cozy with a steamy cup of tea. I’m going to enjoy every moment of our lovely cool weather. I’ve heard a lot of whining regarding the lack of warm sunny days, and I sort of understand. Then I remember how much I REALLY  hate hot weather and recover my fleeting senses.   

Hand QuiltedHand Appliqued


 Now, I love Summer as much as the next person. Reading a book on the beach at my beloved Twain Harte Lake. Watching cute chubby toddlers building sand castles. Barbecued ribs, and potato salad! What’s not to love? Hiking the beautiful trails up here… If it just didn’t get HOT ! I just can’t handle the heat any more.   

So while my friends and family may not be perfectly happy with our lovely coolness, I am. Got to go, I hear a book calling my name!  

Hand Appliqued


3 thoughts on “Indoor Flowers

  1. Don’t forget the best thing about summer, besides small visitors…bud dogs! 😉
    That tea sounds good right about now, but I was out voted. Hot cocoa it is.

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