Two More Days

I’m going to show you our almost done bathroom. Two more days…

Almost Done Bathroom

Heaven In a Tub

It may look done, but that’s because I managed to eliminate the parts that aren’t quite done. I get to sleep in my bed tonight, and my clothes are in reach. My furniture is no longer shrink-wrapped!

I’m not sure which is more exciting…my soon to come newly refurbished bathroom, or my cousin’s daughters very fancy wedding…


2 thoughts on “Two More Days

  1. So, your post was written on the 28th and today’s the 31st, so your bathroom should be done by now, right? I am feeling your pain, except that my painters finished last week, and I didn’t like the cabinet color so I have to wait probably two more weeks for a decorative painter to glaze them (multiple step finish with waiting to cure time in between, then a clear coat, then THAT needs time to cure…) And meanwhile we can’t use our master bathroom OR our closet, which is also getting the same paint treatment because, as my husband says, everything always has to get complicated when I’m involved… So it’s so nice to think that someone, SOMEWHERE in the blogosphere has made it through a bath remodel and has lived to tell the tale — and to enjoy the lovely new bathroom afterwards! I love your tub, too, by the way. 🙂

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