My Grandmother always told me when I was a little girl, that patience is a virtue. I listened, but it didn’t change anything. I’m quiet and patient for a while, but when I’m done, I’m done.  

Now I’m done.  

We’re having our old bathroom re-done…  

These are pictures of the old bathroom. 







The demolition started four weeks ago. We had sawdust. Lots of it. Now we have paint fumes. Lots of them. The painters have been painting for two weeks. Not kidding…Two whole weeks! I’m definitely over it.  

I have all of my sheets, and towels ,and quilts-my precious quilts-spread throughout the house. All of the medicine cabinets contents are in baskets on counters in the kitchen, and my clothing is under plastic in my bedroom which is being painted as well. The bedroom furniture is shrink-wrapped in the middle of the room. My dogs have been baby-gated in my sewing room, because the lovely rain is still here.  



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