I’m almost done with the quilting on this garden quilt. Do you sense a theme? Anyway, the pattern is from the book Lovinia’s Pressed Flowers by Barb Adams, and Alma Adams. They are probably two of my favorite quilt pattern authors. I’m hand quilting (as usual). You may notice the basting thread in the photo’s.

I love the crispness of fabric when piecing it together, but by far I love the softness of the fabric the more it is manipulated. Twisted, folded, tightened into a hoop. It just goes to show you that a quilt is meant to be used. The more it is used the better it feels.

The edges of this beauty will be a challenge to bind, as they aren’t straight. I’ll worry about that little detail when I get there.

So, if I’m not outside in the garden, I’ll be inside working on this garden…Happy gardening!


One thought on “Lovinia

  1. I’m in awe of your piecework!
    And you are so right – quilts are made to be used and the more they are used, washed, line dried – the softer and more homey they become! There is nothing like a homemade quilt to snuggle under.

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