To Fold Or Not To Fold

I have an issue with quilt storage. I really wish that I had a cabinet with glass doors that I could put my quilts in. I don’t, and it’s a problem. They were on top of my china cabinet, but I noticed that one of them (the one on the top), was starting to fade. At the time I had a spare room, as ANNE-with an e, would say. I layed them all flat on the bed. You couldn’t see them, but they were safe, and flat.

The spare room, is now longer spare. It’s now occupied, so the quilts had to go.

They are now folded on my Grandmother’s hope chest. I don’t like having them folded, nor do I like having them exposed to so much light. And there is the dust issue. And the dog hair issue. I love my three Golden Retrievers, but they do manage to lose a great deal of hair, and it floats through the house.

Anybody have a brilliant idea for me?


4 thoughts on “To Fold Or Not To Fold

  1. Hi!

    No real suggestion, but I hope that there is a washed cotton sheet between your beautiful quilts and the wood in your chest. Would hate to see anything happen to your pretty quilts.


  2. Hmmm…i’d take over one of the closets, make it just for your quilts, and put a glass french door on it. That way you can hang them up, they will be safe, and you change them around when you want to put one on display. Think it would require some custom hanging brackets or shelving, but they are too beautiful to not show off! 🙂 Sorry to Papa, making more projects. hee hee

  3. Our guild sometimes has trunk shows by locally “famous” quilters. One of them said she wraps quilts around 4-inch PVC pipe. I suppose she ties them onto the tubes with fabric strips. Then she can stand them up–like in closets or spare corners. As I am keeping more of my quilts lately, I think I may give it a try soon.

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