Best Friends

Best Friends


Last summer my best high school friends and I had a reunion. Some of us hadn’t seen each other in many years, and in my case there were many that I hadn’t seen since graduation.  We were a bit tentative at first, but soon we were talking so fast and sharing so many stories, that we were awake until the early morning.   

This picture was taken at Alchemy in Murphy’s, where we had a wonderful lunch together. It was so hot, that it was hard to breathe, but it certainly didn’t slow down our conversation and laughter. We even snuck in some shopping. We went to dinner in Sonora, had meals together on the deck of my parent’s cabin where we were staying, did yoga and went for a lovely walk.  

We have decided to make this a yearly tradition, and we are meeting again next weekend.   

There were a few of our friends that we missed last year, and will be missing again next weekend. I sure would love to see them all.   

We had a great time! 

…and NO Gretchen, we do NOT look like nuns!


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