les Abeilles

Well, if I’m nursing a sick dog back to health, then I need a little project. There’s something about my being forced into the sewing room that makes me want to knit lace. Oh yeah, and the fact that both of my sweater projects are at my friend Susan’s sisters house where I left them by accident. Susan is off on a trip, and will bring my knitting to me when she gets home. Until then, it’s lace knitting for me.

I’m working on les Abeilles by Anne Hanson of Knitspot http://knitspot.com/. She is a fabulous knitter of lace, and grower of vegetables. I wish I had a teeney tiney bit of her talent. Maybe if I keep practicing, and heaven knows at the rate my dogs are having major surgery, I may become an expert after all. Oh yeah. See that pink yarn? That is a lifeline for my non-knitting friends. At the rate I’m ripping out back to that lifeline, I may wear my yarn out. This afternoon I think I ripped the same four rows out five times. I don’t think it helped that I checked Miss Audrey, and her new lump is a little bit bigger.

I’m not sure how much more I can take…


One thought on “les Abeilles

  1. Poor Nana and dogs. I think you need another vacation already.
    Your knitting sure is pretty though! 🙂
    Everybody here says hi and we all missed you at the party yesterday. The kids were extra cute playing together.

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