Yearly Purge

The Hubby is off on his yearly fishing trip. He’ll be gone for a week. I really hope he has a great time and catches a lot of fish! I’ll miss him while he’s gone, but it means I get to watch the big screen…

Now- on to the yearly clean up. Last year, I cleaned out all of the kitchen cupboards and drawers, and my sewing room. The sewing room was a big job. I purged a lot of little bits of fabric I was never going to use, and old books and yarn that were just taking up space…

This year, it’s the linen closet, and the two hall closets. They haven’t been touched since we moved into this house almost six (six?), years ago.

So, I filled up the huge garbage can last night, and today…I’m still stuck on my lace knitting. I AM going to wear out my yarn.

Colin is barbecuing fabulous smelling ribs for us tonight, and the dogs are healthy and happy.

And I still get to watch the big screen…

Life is good…


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