Almost Perfect

Those of you who know me will understand this. The weather yesterday was almost perfect. It was cloudy and cool, and it was almost perfect because it wasn’t quite cool enough for a fire in the wood stove. I can honestly hardly wait for one of those crisp Autumn days, when the leaves of the dogwoods and  maples are firey red, and the stove is crackling and hot. Cool enough, that I have to stand in front of the stove to get warm… An apple crisp in the oven, and soup on the stove. Not just any soup, but a new favorite-Butternut Squash Soup. Yum! 

Autumn, I’m waiting for you…and not so patiently. Not only have I had a horrible summer, (except for the trip to Glacier), but Autumn is by FAR my favorite season. No hot weather, yummy food, snuggly clothes, my birthday,  not yet Christmas…

This morning I called to have the chimney cleaned, and to have the propane tank filled. I still need to order fire wood, but I have a bit of clean up to do first-or I should say a bit of clean up for the Hubby to do? Hint,hint!

Today I froze some of the green bean harvest, and made dill and garlic pickles out of some more. I need to go out to the garden and pick more, but right now I think I’ll take a break and knit for a few…


One thought on “Almost Perfect

  1. Now these look absolutely delicious! (as does your tomato sauce)

    Beans and tomato’s were a bust this year in my garden. This year I’ve not enough extra to put anything up. It’s been an odd gardening year for me.

    We’ve had “almost perfect” weather here of late, too. Now just a little cooler and some much needed rain would do the trick!

    Have a great weekend..

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