Quilting and Cookies

Pink and Sparkly

The sunrise was glorious this morning. Pink and sparkly. We’re having spring-like weather, but I KNOW that it’s still Winter, and Spring is a long way off…


I knit and bake cookies. Today I just had to have Surprise Cookies, by Martha Stewart. I needed them. I had them at my friend Susan’s house, and I’m working on Susan’s farewell quilt. So therefore, I needed them. Do you see how my mind works?

Surprise Cookies

This is a picture of the cookies before their chocolate frosting…Do you see the surprise? It’s marshmallow! Don’t you just love chocolate frosting? I could eat the bowl full of it. I could, I tell you. I won’t though. I’m still working on me. The me that isn’t supposed to eat bad things, that is supposed to exercise, and has projects.


One or two cookies can’t hurt? Can they? Not if they’re chocolate, with frosting.

For Susan

Oh, I am quilting as well…


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