So Much For No Whining…

I think that I have started Plaquinel right in time. My joints are a little worse every day.

 I did knit for a bit this morning, and it made my fingers feel better. I think that the secret to this lovely new problem is to not knit until my fingers hurt. In other words just a little bit each day.

 My parotid glands are noticeably swollen today, and they hurt. I hope that the Plaquinel works, as I would REALLY like to be off of the Celebrex. I had stopped taking it this Fall, because of the side effects. Now, today, I don’t think I could get through the day without it.  I’m hoping to pick my Restassis up from the pharmacy tomorrow. They are closed, and the weather has been so bad that I won’t drive. It’s actually clear and beautiful today, but was very icy this morning.

Basically, people, I’m just falling apart. I want to stop whining, and in fact had declared today a no whining day. It’s not working so well this afternoon. Al least I’m whining to a computer, and not my family.

Heading for a hot bath…


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