Busy Day…

Today is Wednesday. The best day of the week, because it’s the day I go to “Bee”! The Bee is a group of women that I truly love. We get together every Wednesday to quilt and knit together. We also have dessert, but that is just a bonus. Our time together is spent chatting, laughing and sharing our projects. We’ve done a few group projects, including a quilt for our friend Susan that recently moved. It’s my turn to be hostess for my friends in two short weeks, so I need to start thinking of a great dessert for all of us to share. We don’t count calories when it comes to the better things in life, like dessert, so the sky’s the limit.

This is a picture of my portion of a group project we did a couple of years ago. We each made an autobiographical mini quilt of ourselves. I had so much fun trying to include all of my various interests in one very little square. It measures eight and one half inches by twelve inches. The individual blocks were safety pinned together at every corner with beaded pins. We entered it in our local guild show and it was an award winner.

I’m off to make my friend a Birthday card, and then let the fun begin!


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