It Has Sprung!

Easter Egg Tulip

Easter was fun. The food was delish, and my Grandsons were so cute! The egg hunt was the best part for them, and for me it was being with my family. Most of them, anyway… I really missed my other Grandchildren.

I do believe that Spring has sprung! It’s not snowing, or raining, and the sun is shining. The pear trees are blooming, and the tulips have buds. I even took these sore knees for a walk with my Montana. Audrey still has stitches, so she’s on hold. She is NOT happy about it, but she’ll get over it.

Today I have a bookgroup meeting, and the book we read started out good, but by the end I was over it. The book we read was The Ginger Tree by Oswald Wynd. We always have fun at our meetings, and it’s great to see my friends and catch up with them.


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