This One’s For You

Okay..This one is a stretch.

My Mother loved Princess much, that there is still a Princess Diana magazine at her cabin.  I know that she would be setting her alarm to get up early with me on Friday morning to watch the wedding of the century.

I’ve had this very cute set on my little deck next to my dining room. My Mother gave it to me the Summer before she passed away. We never use it, because it has been so uncomfortable. It originally had cushions, but they were so UGLY that they have been living on the top of the garage refrigerator…and you have to know how ugly that is! So, there have been these two cute chairs made out of iron, but no one would sit on them. Iron is HARD!

In honor of my Mother’s love of Princess Diana, I have recovered the ugly cushions! They are now cute!

This one is for you Granny, and I wish that you were here to watch the wedding with me. I’ll do the baking…


2 thoughts on “This One’s For You

  1. What a nice tribute to your mother – new cushions. She was such a nice person that she wouldn’t want you to sit in uncomfortable chairs.

    Happy wedding. And you do know that you can record it and watch at a more decent hour!!

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