Oh No!!

I have another blog post planned regarding my sewing habit, but first I just have to rant about this…

We might have snow this weekend! Oh, No, I’m not kidding.My tulips are blooming. They can’t handle being filled with snow and bent to the ground… My poor little trees have new leaves and blooms on them! We’ve lost so many trees this Winter, and I just don’t want to lose any more. When it snows this time of year, the snow sticks to the new leaves and pulls the branches down to the breaking point. Sometimes it pulls the whole tree over. I had planned on not having a vegetable garden this year, because of travel plans. Now I’m very happy that new seedlings won’t be buried under snow. It’s disturbing to have a garden in it’s infancy ruined. Especially after the hours of backbreaking work and months of nursing fragile plants. OK…Now I’m just whining.

We have been doing yard clean-up for the last week. We haven’t even made a dent. Our son is here for the second day in a row to help us. I think he’s going to be here tomorrow as well…


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