Farmers Market

Today is the day!

 I’ve been waiting since October for the opening day of our local Farmer’s Market. My friends and I have been planning and plotting our outfits, but keeping them private from each other. Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise… We like to wear something that we have sewn, or knit that no one has seen before. This year however, it’s COLD! My outfit is jeans and a jacket. A handmade knitted jacket, and a handmade  knitted scarf. Very warm, because it’s freezing.

This is my friend Chrys in her perfectly knit, perfectly embellished, perfectly adorable Color Box Jacket. Mine is half way done, and not this bright. It’s bright , but not as sparkly as this. Stay tuned…

Now, back to the Farmer’s Market… There were bright red gigantic gorgeous strawberries, and flowers in their neon colors. There were baby ruby-red beets, and fragrant spicy garlic scapes…perfect fuzzy apricots for a dessert that I’m dreaming of…

Okay, it must be lunch time…


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