We’re Back!


Tracey Arm

We have arrived home from the last wilderness. Alaska! It was just as beautiful as promised. The weather was way better than promised, as we had no rain. One day was grey and drizzly, but no rain to speak of.

The Disney Wonder

The ship was even more beautiful than I had anticipated. Our cabin was fabulous, and the service was impeccable! The food was so wonderful, that I’m not sure I can even describe it! Lets just say that I am dieting in a big way, starting tomorrow.Great Parking

Our son and Grandsons are leaving tomorrow for their new home. They have been away from Mom for about six weeks, and are so excited to be on their way. We are going to miss them BIG TIME! It will be so quiet around here, that I’m not so sure we will know what to do for a few days. The good news is that we can go visit them often, and Disneyland is on the way! I see a lot of trips in our future.


I know this post is rambling all over the place, but I’m trying to give everyone a quick catch up… It’s been a busy Summer!


My vegetable garden is just starting to produce, and I hope Summer holds out long enough that we get a few tomatoes…and I’m really hoping for pumpkins! We’ll see…

Cadillac Lounge

My little canine pumpkin, Audrey had more Mast Cell Tumors removed yesterday, and the surgery was just as traumatic as last Summer. It was her last surgery. I already feel guilty for putting her through it. Even with her pain meds, she cried all night. I can’t do it to her again.

If you came to catch up on my knitting and sewing adventures, I’ll be in the sewing room with Miss Audrey, so I’m hoping to get a few projects finished.

Stay Tuned!!


North To Alaska…

We are about to set sail with Mickey…

Heading to see the whales and eagles and glaciers and salmon. I could go on and on. Obviously. We are sailing away on the Disney Wonder, and I’m really excited. A sail away party is about to commence, and I’m going to be aboard!

See you real soon!

They’re Back

My grandsons are back, so I’ll post again soon. Just want you all to know that I am not ignoring you! I’ve been busy in the garden and walking, and getting ready for Fathers Day. See you all soon!

Dragonfly Peony Farm

This morning, after english muffins and strawberries. (and by the way the cherry jam from the Farmer’s Market is fabulous)… Anyway. Where was I?

We loaded the cooler with water and left for Wilseyville. It’s up Highway 26, off of Highway 49. It’s about 3,200 ft. elevation and absolutely beautiful. There are oaks and redwoods and firs. Very few pines. You can just tell that they get a ton of rain.

It is the home of Dragonfly Peony Farm. Oh so many to choose from… From snowy white to ruby red, and bright sherbet pink. We even saw a tiny little green frog. We came home with three new shiny peony’s this year and just ordered one more.

Now we need to go plant them…

Happy sunday!

Too Tired To Talk

This is what I have done so far today…

1. I went to the Farmer’s Market, and saw my friends and had a great visit. Oh yeah, and shopped.

2. Shopped at the regular Market and the Pharmacy (not for fabric).

3. Steam cleaned the carpets.

4. Turned over the dirt in the green bean bed.

5. Planted two new plants outside the sewing room.

6. Transplanted some Purple Coneflowers outside sewing room.

7. Weeded front bed under living room window.

8. Planted petunias under living room window.

9. Moved three very heavy potted plants to back deck.

10. Made a Brisket for dinner….love it.

11. Took the dogs for the two and a half mile power walk, which is really number two, but I don’t feel like re-numbering everything…

12. I’m done.


I’ve been working on skirts from Sew Serendipity. I love the patterns. The instructions are very easy to follow, even for someone who really hasn’t tackled clothing recently. There was a day, when I used to sew a lot of my clothing. I then discovered quilting, and the clothing construction went out the window. These patterns just make me want to sit at the machine. We’ll see how long it lasts, because the pinning and cutting sort of play havoc with my Sjogren’s symptoms.

I love wearing skirts in the Summer when its hot. They are so much more comfortable, and sort of neat looking. I think that I’m getting a bit long in the tooth for shorts. When it’s miserably hot though, and if I’m going to be home I do wear shorts. I just don’t really like to wear them when I go places. This Summer we are going on a trip, and I’ll probably be wearing long pants most of the time, but skirts would be nice for dinner.


It is so cold up here and stormy, and rainy, and we may have thunderstorms tonight that they closed our lake for the weekend! It may have happened in the past, but not while we have been living here.

We have had a fun weekend with “our” boys. We really liked the movie Kung Foo Panda. It was very cute, even for us “old” people! We’ve had M&M’s, and cookies, and fish crackers, and Nuggets and fries, and movies on the TV with Papa. We played with the dogs so much that Montana was sitting in Papa’s lap and begging for help. The dogs spent the rest of the weekend in the sewing room.

My garden thinks that it is in Oregon, and so do I. I’m not complaining. You all know that the one thing I totally can Not abide is heat. We don’t have air conditioning, and we live on a very sunny piece of Twain Harte. Oregon weather I can live with.


Back to my boys!

So Lucky

This weekend we’re having two of our Grandson’s up for a sleep-over.It will be Alex’s first time. Keep your fingers crossed… We are going out to eat junk food and going to a movie, and if it isn’t storming to beat the band, we’re going to the park. It will be way too cold to go to the lake. In fact, every day when I go down to the lake for my walk it is totally empty. It feels like late Autumn, not June.

We’re supposed to have rain, but please hope for me that it’s not really stormy…

Fun, fun, fun…

My Favorite Day

The Bee is today, and it’s at my house again. Something must be wrong with me, or I forgot something huge. I was finished with the baking and cleaning WAY early…

Anyway. It’s June, right? I have a fire blazing in the stove, and it’s cloudy and cold outside. I’m wearing a turtleneck, a long jumper and my new socks that are ever so cute. Guess what I planned for dessert? Ice cream! We were supposed to be enjoying an early summer day with frozen sweetness (and Nutella), but instead we are shivering around the snappy fire with our blue fingers holding our plates of icy goodness.

I’ve started working again on my Halloween quilt. It’s “Vintage Trick Or Treat”, by Crabapple Hill. It’s embroidered and pieced. Very cute… I just ordered another Crabapple Hill pattern for a Halloween quilt, so better get crackin’ on this one. Oh, and I have another Halloween pattern for a quilt. I better not sleep from now on.

P.S. Nutella does NOT freeze well…Don’t try it!