Happy Easter






Well, I had planned on a lovely, cheery, Springy post about my skirt sewing. BUT–Mother Nature has done a number on my mood, my garden and my plans for sewing. I woke up yesterday morning bright and early, and turned over to look out the not so clean window and the pine trees were COVERED in snow! Coated, bending and layered in icy snow. My Aspen trees broke again… My dogwoods are covered in bubble gum pink flowers, and yesterday their lusciousness was covered in frozen snow.

My local yarn shop BY HAND in Sonora, Ca.http://www.byhandyarn.com/  has a customer show  every June. I have a few things that I can let them borrow, and I now have an inspiration to complete the incomplete Crayon Box Jacket. I’m not sure I really love my version of it. My jacket is very busy. I think perhaps I over did it with color and texture.  Here, I’ll show you the pieces…

The Sleeve and Gussets


The Front


The Back

So, would you please leave me a comment and tell me if it’s just “too much”? Too” it will alter your vision”…Just too darn bright?

Anyway. I’m knitting as fast as I can, pretending like I’m going to love it.


Four times a year I am the hostess for my quilt group, or as we like to call our get-togethers, Bee!

Today I’m having Bee here. I’ve spent a bit of time cleaning, and baking in anticipation…

We are having Lemon Bars, and Strawberry Shortcake. There will also be a berry salad, and cheese. There of course will be coffee and tea and raspberry lemonade. It can’t be dessert without . We talk a lot, during the sewing, and during the dessert and during our greetings and our leavings. We catch up on our absent members, and ask about our spouses. We are our best friends.

 We sew, and knit, and share our new projects. Some are in progress, and some are finished. The finished ones are very appreciated. My Wednesdays are all very appreciated, because it’s Bee!

A Fun Time Was Had By All

I should say that a fun time was had by me! I think my friends had fun as well, to be accurate. We went on a field trip. It was the Sonora Art Trails weekend. I think that this was the sixth year that it has been held. The artists in the area open their studios for the public to tour, and I’m a public, so I toured!

I saw wonderful art, and wonderful gardens and wonderful homes, and went out to lunch. I even went out for dessert…

One of the artists creates beautiful mosaics, as well as paints. I’ve explained to you that I can not paint, but I think I want to give mosaic making a try.

The artist said that her husband is currently building her a studio, and that when it’s finished she will be holding classes. I’m going to be first in line!

Off to clean and polish because the “Bee” ladies are coming here this week…

The Bunny Is Coming

Today I only had one little burst of creativity. Most of the day I ran errands and cleaned. The Easter Bunny is coming, and I have to be ready. Even though there are no longer children in this house, I still have traditions to maintain. I hard-boiled my eggs, so that I can dye them tomorrow. I’m going to try to paint them after I dip them in the dye. You’ll know if it worked if I post a picture. I wouldn’t count on it though…

Tomorrow I have baking to do along with my egg art.

 I try, but my efforts are never what I picture in my mind. I just can’t do it, but I try…