My Bookgroup

Today was the monthly Bookgroup meeting… Our book wasn’t really interesting, but we did discuss reorganizing our structure. Instead of the hostess picking the book, they will be chosen in advance. I think it’s so much better than the way we have been doing it.  Now it will be more of a group decision. At least if I hate the book, it will be partially my fault… I also won’t feel the pressure when group is at my house. Well, at least not all the pressure. I don’t think anyone is coming to help me clean and cook before the meeting….

We also decided to increase our group by one, and my friend Chrys is joining us!!


What To Do, What To Do…

I have so many projects in line, and I can’t decide which to work on.

I have clothing that I want to sew. I have a top cut out, and the fabric washed and ironed for two VERY cute skirts. I hope they’re cute on me, because they sure are cute on the skinny models. The patterns are from the book Sew Serendipity, by Kay Whitt. There are so many patterns in the book that I really want to sew. Adorableness to the max! Kay’s blog is now my home away from home

I also ordered a pattern booklet that includes patterns for a new camera bag, and a new lap-top bag, and oh boy are they CUTE!  Go to the link, and look at the darling and talented Kay Whitt’s blog! Adorable! I went to the fabric store today to see if they have the correct fusibles, and they don’t. I’m going to have to order them along with the hardware… So, it looks like the bags are on hold.

My applique quilt square is in process, and I took it with me to Bee on Wednesday, but I was having a hard time seeing because there isn’t a huge contrast between my fabrics. I really would like to get going in a big way on my quilt.

So…I think that I’ll do a little work on the quilt, and try to sew one of my cute skirt patterns.

The Farmer’s Market starts this weekend, and a cute wardrobe is in order for one of the social events of the season. However…we are supposed to have very cold weather, and possibly snow, so I think the skirt is on hold until next week!

Ta Da!

Now that the cold weather is going away…Look at this icicle! I had a hard time making the camera focus on the ice, and not the eves. This is the only one that worked. Oh, and by the way, even I am ready for Spring! Summer, not so much.

I have a finished project! I wish I’d used the Noro lace-weight, but it is what it is…The Noro (as used by my friend, Chrys) changes color every repeat row. It is VERY colorful, and has a bit more body. I used a German lace weight yarn, that I can’t remember the name of, and goodness knows I didn’t save the wrapper.

It’s all blocked and ready to go.

I’m trying to finish some projects that have been hiding at the bottom of work baskets all winter. Now I’m finishing the sleeves on my Einstein jacket. I still have the Color-Box Jacket to finish, and a pair of pink lace socks…

Question: Has anyone bought the Kaffe Fassett book Simple Shapes Spectacular quilts? I can’t decide if I need it or not. I’m sort of interested in expanding my horizons, and I haven’t sewn a pieced quilt in quite a while.