My Bookgroup

Today was the monthly Bookgroup meeting… Our book wasn’t really interesting, but we did discuss reorganizing our structure. Instead of the hostess picking the book, they will be chosen in advance. I think it’s so much better than the way we have been doing it.  Now it will be more of a group decision. At least if I hate the book, it will be partially my fault… I also won’t feel the pressure when group is at my house. Well, at least not all the pressure. I don’t think anyone is coming to help me clean and cook before the meeting….

We also decided to increase our group by one, and my friend Chrys is joining us!!


I’m Off…

I know I’ve slipped back into being a bad blogger…

I have excuses though.

 I had my bookgroup gathering here on Tuesday, so that meant there was a lot of cleaning. When you have two Golden Retrievers and company is coming, it means lots of cleaning. I also had to finish reading the seven hundred page book. We read Cutting For Stone, and I loved it! It’s beautifully written and a good story.

I have a wonderful group of friends in my bookgroup. Some of them were my Mother’s friends, and are now my friends. Others are closer to my age, and are “newer” residents of Twain Harte. We are all very different, but care about each other so much, and do what we can for each other if one of us needs a little extra boost.

My next excuse is that I’m leaving today to go on a field trip with my bestest friend. We’re going to the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show at the Cow Palace. We’re going to have so much fun that it should be illegal. But–leaving means that I have to pack and clean again, and get the dogs ready and stuff…You know-stuff.

I’ll be back next week…