It’s All About PINK

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I Do Believe… I DO!!

I’ve been hybernating. Could you tell? I’ve had a bit of upset in my life, and it’s pretty much private. Hurtful people, and hurtful things have happened to those I love. I no longer have those hurtful people around, and I am much better for it. Hurtful things for those I love are another matter, that is out of my control, and for a control freak it’s a problem.  The End.

Now! On to better things…

Where were we? I have a finished sweater to show you…

I have a completed quilt top…

Socks off of the needles…

AND…drumroll please. We are having a new puppy! He/she will be born around tax day, and I just can’t wait! I’ve wanted another puppy for a long time, and this one is very special. I won’t bore you with the details now, but they will be coming.

One more thing. I’ve been gone for so long that a new and wonderful thing has come into my life that I haven’t commented on. PINTEREST!!  Oh, my!! Addicted in a big way. So fun. Here are my boards

Dragonfly Peony Farm

This morning, after english muffins and strawberries. (and by the way the cherry jam from the Farmer’s Market is fabulous)… Anyway. Where was I?

We loaded the cooler with water and left for Wilseyville. It’s up Highway 26, off of Highway 49. It’s about 3,200 ft. elevation and absolutely beautiful. There are oaks and redwoods and firs. Very few pines. You can just tell that they get a ton of rain.

It is the home of Dragonfly Peony Farm. Oh so many to choose from… From snowy white to ruby red, and bright sherbet pink. We even saw a tiny little green frog. We came home with three new shiny peony’s this year and just ordered one more.

Now we need to go plant them…

Happy sunday!

Farmers Market

Today is the day!

 I’ve been waiting since October for the opening day of our local Farmer’s Market. My friends and I have been planning and plotting our outfits, but keeping them private from each other. Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise… We like to wear something that we have sewn, or knit that no one has seen before. This year however, it’s COLD! My outfit is jeans and a jacket. A handmade knitted jacket, and a handmade  knitted scarf. Very warm, because it’s freezing.

This is my friend Chrys in her perfectly knit, perfectly embellished, perfectly adorable Color Box Jacket. Mine is half way done, and not this bright. It’s bright , but not as sparkly as this. Stay tuned…

Now, back to the Farmer’s Market… There were bright red gigantic gorgeous strawberries, and flowers in their neon colors. There were baby ruby-red beets, and fragrant spicy garlic scapes…perfect fuzzy apricots for a dessert that I’m dreaming of…

Okay, it must be lunch time…


This is a cute little bag that I finally finished. I started it two years ago, and it then was placed at the bottom of the to do pile, and I mis-placed the pattern, and I didn’t like it, and I just had way too many other things calling out to me to work on. For an unpopular project, it turned out rather cute? I love the little yo-yo’s, and the embroidery. I LOVE the polka dot fabric. It may be the best part. I don’t know what I will use my cute little bag for. Possibly transportation of in -process knitting projects?

Those of you who don’t live in Twain Harte have no way of knowing that the Pharmacy is THE place to buy fabric, or maybe you do know. I’m always surprised when I’m away from home and tell people where I live. Many times the response is “Oh, you have the Pharmacy…”. Lovely cottons are in flat folds on tables. It’s like a very, very fun scavenger hunt, where you win fabric as a prize! Look what I found, high on the top of a shelf. Bee-u-ti-ful canvasy colorful goodness. I needed it.

It needs to bee-come a bag itself.

A Fun Time Was Had By All

I should say that a fun time was had by me! I think my friends had fun as well, to be accurate. We went on a field trip. It was the Sonora Art Trails weekend. I think that this was the sixth year that it has been held. The artists in the area open their studios for the public to tour, and I’m a public, so I toured!

I saw wonderful art, and wonderful gardens and wonderful homes, and went out to lunch. I even went out for dessert…

One of the artists creates beautiful mosaics, as well as paints. I’ve explained to you that I can not paint, but I think I want to give mosaic making a try.

The artist said that her husband is currently building her a studio, and that when it’s finished she will be holding classes. I’m going to be first in line!

Off to clean and polish because the “Bee” ladies are coming here this week…

Ta Da!

Now that the cold weather is going away…Look at this icicle! I had a hard time making the camera focus on the ice, and not the eves. This is the only one that worked. Oh, and by the way, even I am ready for Spring! Summer, not so much.

I have a finished project! I wish I’d used the Noro lace-weight, but it is what it is…The Noro (as used by my friend, Chrys) changes color every repeat row. It is VERY colorful, and has a bit more body. I used a German lace weight yarn, that I can’t remember the name of, and goodness knows I didn’t save the wrapper.

It’s all blocked and ready to go.

I’m trying to finish some projects that have been hiding at the bottom of work baskets all winter. Now I’m finishing the sleeves on my Einstein jacket. I still have the Color-Box Jacket to finish, and a pair of pink lace socks…

Question: Has anyone bought the Kaffe Fassett book Simple Shapes Spectacular quilts? I can’t decide if I need it or not. I’m sort of interested in expanding my horizons, and I haven’t sewn a pieced quilt in quite a while.