Black and White

I am having the most perfect snow day. I woke up to a foot of snow, and the electricity is still on. Coffee in all its smokey goodness. The heater was billowing warm air. My computer works. I am able to read under the yellow lamp glow…

But, first I took a walk in the feathery perfection to take pictures.

I seem to be having a problem uploading pictures, and I have more to add. I want all of you to see how beautiful and peaceful it is here today. I guess your imagination will have to fill in the blanks. It is quiet… no traffic, and no snow plows. Just sleeping Golden Retrievers and the quiet whisper of pages turning as I’m reading my book.

I hope your day is as peaceful.


I Do Believe… I DO!!

I’ve been hybernating. Could you tell? I’ve had a bit of upset in my life, and it’s pretty much private. Hurtful people, and hurtful things have happened to those I love. I no longer have those hurtful people around, and I am much better for it. Hurtful things for those I love are another matter, that is out of my control, and for a control freak it’s a problem.  The End.

Now! On to better things…

Where were we? I have a finished sweater to show you…

I have a completed quilt top…

Socks off of the needles…

AND…drumroll please. We are having a new puppy! He/she will be born around tax day, and I just can’t wait! I’ve wanted another puppy for a long time, and this one is very special. I won’t bore you with the details now, but they will be coming.

One more thing. I’ve been gone for so long that a new and wonderful thing has come into my life that I haven’t commented on. PINTEREST!!  Oh, my!! Addicted in a big way. So fun. Here are my boards

We’re Back!


Tracey Arm

We have arrived home from the last wilderness. Alaska! It was just as beautiful as promised. The weather was way better than promised, as we had no rain. One day was grey and drizzly, but no rain to speak of.

The Disney Wonder

The ship was even more beautiful than I had anticipated. Our cabin was fabulous, and the service was impeccable! The food was so wonderful, that I’m not sure I can even describe it! Lets just say that I am dieting in a big way, starting tomorrow.Great Parking

Our son and Grandsons are leaving tomorrow for their new home. They have been away from Mom for about six weeks, and are so excited to be on their way. We are going to miss them BIG TIME! It will be so quiet around here, that I’m not so sure we will know what to do for a few days. The good news is that we can go visit them often, and Disneyland is on the way! I see a lot of trips in our future.


I know this post is rambling all over the place, but I’m trying to give everyone a quick catch up… It’s been a busy Summer!


My vegetable garden is just starting to produce, and I hope Summer holds out long enough that we get a few tomatoes…and I’m really hoping for pumpkins! We’ll see…

Cadillac Lounge

My little canine pumpkin, Audrey had more Mast Cell Tumors removed yesterday, and the surgery was just as traumatic as last Summer. It was her last surgery. I already feel guilty for putting her through it. Even with her pain meds, she cried all night. I can’t do it to her again.

If you came to catch up on my knitting and sewing adventures, I’ll be in the sewing room with Miss Audrey, so I’m hoping to get a few projects finished.

Stay Tuned!!

Same Dogs, Different Surgeries

Both of my dogs had surgery this time. No, I’m not kidding. The big guy, Montana needed his pearly whites cleaned, and to be neutered, and my little Audrey had three more growths. We just used the family plan, and had everything taken care of at once! I think we’ll be sick and tired of eating beans by the end of the month… Money? Who needs money?


I’ve been quilting, sewing and knitting like a mad woman. I finished my friend Susan’s quilt and sent it on it’s happy way to Colorado. I finished my hexagon Flower Garden quilt. I took a year off, and didn’t think I would ever finish this. Appliqueing the same pattern over and over was BORING, but I do love the finished quilt. I was concerned about the binding as well- all of those angles, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Einstein Jacket-Done! Talk about Boring…but it’s really warm and so comfortable on a cold day.

 Noro, Drop-Stitch Scarf – Done! I like this yarn much better than the yarn I knit it out of previously. I used a chunky Noro, and there’s just more to it. I also just have a love of Noro yarn… I’m sewing clothing, and I’m getting ready to make new cushions for two of the deck chairs.

les Abeilles

Well, if I’m nursing a sick dog back to health, then I need a little project. There’s something about my being forced into the sewing room that makes me want to knit lace. Oh yeah, and the fact that both of my sweater projects are at my friend Susan’s sisters house where I left them by accident. Susan is off on a trip, and will bring my knitting to me when she gets home. Until then, it’s lace knitting for me.

I’m working on les Abeilles by Anne Hanson of Knitspot She is a fabulous knitter of lace, and grower of vegetables. I wish I had a teeney tiney bit of her talent. Maybe if I keep practicing, and heaven knows at the rate my dogs are having major surgery, I may become an expert after all. Oh yeah. See that pink yarn? That is a lifeline for my non-knitting friends. At the rate I’m ripping out back to that lifeline, I may wear my yarn out. This afternoon I think I ripped the same four rows out five times. I don’t think it helped that I checked Miss Audrey, and her new lump is a little bit bigger.

I’m not sure how much more I can take…


CH. Masters Tiddley Winks


This is Miss Audrey Francis, during her career. She’s now retired, and a very cherished member of my family. We had very difficult news regarding her health, and she had very major surgery.  

Today, we finally had some good news. Great news!  

Don’t ask Audrey though, because she is wearing the “Cone of Shame”.Those of you who saw the movie UP will understand that phrase.  Not only is she wearing the “Cone Of Shame”, but she’s doing it while confined to her crate.  

Now that I have my mind back, my knitting has improved! I haven’t had to frog at all…




I’m going to show you the most beautiful Foxglove, because I’m changing the subject from my knitting…
I love knitting lace, but it doesn’t love me back. I can’t read charts, but I can read the pattern when it is written. I can read it, but apparently I can’t follow it. I resorted to a lifeline, and I can’t tell you how many times today that I have ripped back to it, and started again. What is wrong with me? At this rate, I’m going to wear the yarn out. My mind is apparently gone. 

I’ve been sleeping in the sewing room with Miss Audrey, who is in her crate recovering from her surgery. We should get the Pathology report tomorrow, or maybe early next week. 

Audrey Francis


I’m really dreading this, and I think I know why I can’t knit lace…at least I’m keeping myself entertained. Fingers crossed, Miss Audrey!