Happy Easter





Before I really start this post, I want to acknowledge 9/11. I know that I will never forget!

We are having thunder and lightning, and thankfully rain. As you know I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and we’re in prime fire country. Keep your fingers crossed for us, as this weather is supposed to continue for a few days. Right now, I’m loving it! I love the smell of rain when I can have the windows opened!

I’m sorry that I’ve ignored my blog, but I’ve been so busy with other things… My granddaughters have been for a visit!

My vegetable garden is producing like mad. We’ve finally had tomatoes. The zucchini is overflowing my harvest basket. My knitting is flying off of the needles. The Halloween projects are moving ahead! The Autumn decorating has begun!

It’s just so busy…


It is so cold up here and stormy, and rainy, and we may have thunderstorms tonight that they closed our lake for the weekend! It may have happened in the past, but not while we have been living here.

We have had a fun weekend with “our” boys. We really liked the movie Kung Foo Panda. It was very cute, even for us “old” people! We’ve had M&M’s, and cookies, and fish crackers, and Nuggets and fries, and movies on the TV with Papa. We played with the dogs so much that Montana was sitting in Papa’s lap and begging for help. The dogs spent the rest of the weekend in the sewing room.

My garden thinks that it is in Oregon, and so do I. I’m not complaining. You all know that the one thing I totally can Not abide is heat. We don’t have air conditioning, and we live on a very sunny piece of Twain Harte. Oregon weather I can live with.


Back to my boys!

So Lucky

This weekend we’re having two of our Grandson’s up for a sleep-over.It will be Alex’s first time. Keep your fingers crossed… We are going out to eat junk food and going to a movie, and if it isn’t storming to beat the band, we’re going to the park. It will be way too cold to go to the lake. In fact, every day when I go down to the lake for my walk it is totally empty. It feels like late Autumn, not June.

We’re supposed to have rain, but please hope for me that it’s not really stormy…

Fun, fun, fun…

The Lake

My buddy, James Patrick is visiting for the weekend. Last night we had yummy pizza.

This morning Papa-or Cranpa-depending on our choice of the moment…took James to the park.

This afternoon we went  to the lake. Sand castles, swimming and fun Thank you Uncle Colin for sitting with the recovering Montana, so that we could play!

I just love having grandchildren come to visit. It reminds me of when my own boys were young, and by the way so was I…  Somehow it was easier to keep up with them then. I’ll be tired tomorrow, when James goes home, but it will be so worth it. I love my grandchildren, and wish that I could see them more often.

The price I have to pay for living two hours away.