Today is the first day of Spring, and I’m in a state of golden retriever haired, snow-bound sluggishness.

I’ve been baking a bit lately, and unfortunately eating it. I think that after my appointment with my doctor this afternoon that my baking habit will be coming to an end. If I could remove my flannel pants or sweatpants and wear denim or something else without give in the fabric, I think it would improve my diet, if you know what I mean.

Well, until my appointment, I’m going back to my knitting needle and yarn laziness. Where’s the cake?

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I Do Believe… I DO!!

I’ve been hybernating. Could you tell? I’ve had a bit of upset in my life, and it’s pretty much private. Hurtful people, and hurtful things have happened to those I love. I no longer have those hurtful people around, and I am much better for it. Hurtful things for those I love are another matter, that is out of my control, and for a control freak it’s a problem.  The End.

Now! On to better things…

Where were we? I have a finished sweater to show you…

I have a completed quilt top…

Socks off of the needles…

AND…drumroll please. We are having a new puppy! He/she will be born around tax day, and I just can’t wait! I’ve wanted another puppy for a long time, and this one is very special. I won’t bore you with the details now, but they will be coming.

One more thing. I’ve been gone for so long that a new and wonderful thing has come into my life that I haven’t commented on. PINTEREST!!  Oh, my!! Addicted in a big way. So fun. Here are my boards


Before I really start this post, I want to acknowledge 9/11. I know that I will never forget!

We are having thunder and lightning, and thankfully rain. As you know I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and we’re in prime fire country. Keep your fingers crossed for us, as this weather is supposed to continue for a few days. Right now, I’m loving it! I love the smell of rain when I can have the windows opened!

I’m sorry that I’ve ignored my blog, but I’ve been so busy with other things… My granddaughters have been for a visit!

My vegetable garden is producing like mad. We’ve finally had tomatoes. The zucchini is overflowing my harvest basket. My knitting is flying off of the needles. The Halloween projects are moving ahead! The Autumn decorating has begun!

It’s just so busy…


Alrighty–I’ve been back for a week, and somehow we have slipped back to Winter, or something. It was thirty-four degrees this lovely Spring morning…Not that you will hear me really complain. The only weather that I can NOT stand, is when it is boiling, unremittingly hot! I’ll even take snow over heat. (As long as I have power).

Our garden is slowly getting back into shape, thanks to my hubby, and youngest son. I worked a bit, but I haven’t been out there for a month. Shhh…don’t tell anyone. I also haven’t really done any sewing in a month either. I did work on the Crayon Box Jacket like a whirling fiend. Then I went to babysit my perfect Grandchildren-just kidding-and while I was there, I managed to knit one square. Big fat halto to the momentum.

This week I have my quilt group here again, and the preparations have begun in earnest! The cleaning is happening, and I made one of my desserts today. Ice Cream! Perfect! By the way, did you know that Nutella will not stick to frozen ice cream? My dessert will not be perfect. I tried to pipe decorativeness onto my ice cream, but alas…  It was thirty four degrees this morning, and we’ve had popping fires all weekend… I hope my friends wear turtlenecks.

Pictures and more fun to come!



Well, I had planned on a lovely, cheery, Springy post about my skirt sewing. BUT–Mother Nature has done a number on my mood, my garden and my plans for sewing. I woke up yesterday morning bright and early, and turned over to look out the not so clean window and the pine trees were COVERED in snow! Coated, bending and layered in icy snow. My Aspen trees broke again… My dogwoods are covered in bubble gum pink flowers, and yesterday their lusciousness was covered in frozen snow.

My local yarn shop BY HAND in Sonora, Ca.  has a customer show  every June. I have a few things that I can let them borrow, and I now have an inspiration to complete the incomplete Crayon Box Jacket. I’m not sure I really love my version of it. My jacket is very busy. I think perhaps I over did it with color and texture.  Here, I’ll show you the pieces…

The Sleeve and Gussets


The Front


The Back

So, would you please leave me a comment and tell me if it’s just “too much”? Too” it will alter your vision”…Just too darn bright?

Anyway. I’m knitting as fast as I can, pretending like I’m going to love it.

Farmers Market

Today is the day!

 I’ve been waiting since October for the opening day of our local Farmer’s Market. My friends and I have been planning and plotting our outfits, but keeping them private from each other. Wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise… We like to wear something that we have sewn, or knit that no one has seen before. This year however, it’s COLD! My outfit is jeans and a jacket. A handmade knitted jacket, and a handmade  knitted scarf. Very warm, because it’s freezing.

This is my friend Chrys in her perfectly knit, perfectly embellished, perfectly adorable Color Box Jacket. Mine is half way done, and not this bright. It’s bright , but not as sparkly as this. Stay tuned…

Now, back to the Farmer’s Market… There were bright red gigantic gorgeous strawberries, and flowers in their neon colors. There were baby ruby-red beets, and fragrant spicy garlic scapes…perfect fuzzy apricots for a dessert that I’m dreaming of…

Okay, it must be lunch time…

Same Dogs, Different Surgeries

Both of my dogs had surgery this time. No, I’m not kidding. The big guy, Montana needed his pearly whites cleaned, and to be neutered, and my little Audrey had three more growths. We just used the family plan, and had everything taken care of at once! I think we’ll be sick and tired of eating beans by the end of the month… Money? Who needs money?


I’ve been quilting, sewing and knitting like a mad woman. I finished my friend Susan’s quilt and sent it on it’s happy way to Colorado. I finished my hexagon Flower Garden quilt. I took a year off, and didn’t think I would ever finish this. Appliqueing the same pattern over and over was BORING, but I do love the finished quilt. I was concerned about the binding as well- all of those angles, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Einstein Jacket-Done! Talk about Boring…but it’s really warm and so comfortable on a cold day.

 Noro, Drop-Stitch Scarf – Done! I like this yarn much better than the yarn I knit it out of previously. I used a chunky Noro, and there’s just more to it. I also just have a love of Noro yarn… I’m sewing clothing, and I’m getting ready to make new cushions for two of the deck chairs.


My friend Susan is visiting from Colorado. Today four of us went on a field trip to Copperopolis, and Murphy’s. We went out to lunch and shopping. We bought yarn and chocolate… It was a good day, a very good day.

I bought yarn for a one skein scarf. It’s a beautiful variegated yarn from Germany. The pattern is a lacy dropped stitch, and I’m having fun knitting it.

I didn’t know how to do the drop stitch, but thankfully just looked it right up on ye old computer and went to work after dinner. I’m sure I could have figured it out myself, but I’m a little tired, so I let the computer tell me how to do it. I should be vacuuming dog hair off of the hardwood floors, but I’d rather not. Thank you very much!

Tomorrow the same group of my friends and I are going to Seven Sisters for dinner after our quilt group. The calorie count is going to kill me. I’ll be happy…

Do better

Do the best you know how. When you know better, do better. ~Maya Angelou


Winter Globe


I’ve knit on the sock club sock every day since we had our class. So far so good. I just wish that I could stay home and really get to work on my projects. I seem to be the queen of errand running this week. I really shouldn’t complain, as our winter weather is almost, almost spring-like! The grass is green, and the blue jays are chatting up a storm. We’ve  had a teeny little bit of rain this week, but compared to the last two months of ice and snow, what’s a little rain?

So, where was I? Oh, I know. I’ve spent most of the week in the car. Yesterday I had to go to Modesto, which is an hour and a half each way… BUT, if I want to go to Trader Joe’s, then it’s Modesto here we come! …and I do NEED Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants, among other things! Don’t you just love them?

I have two days this coming week when I have to be out of the house, but other than that I’m hoping to stay in and work on my projects.

(and I have to walk every day). Did you read that Dr. Dillen? I’m trying to get back on track. I really do love my morning power walking. At least once I actually manage to get myself out the door… It actually is when I organize my life, and everyone elses as well. If only they knew!

January Sunday

…and off topic, in this rambling post-a photographer friend suggested that I should take a picture of something familiar everyday. He suggested weather, so I’m going to try sunrises. I guess you will know if I’ve overslept or not!