Black and White

I am having the most perfect snow day. I woke up to a foot of snow, and the electricity is still on. Coffee in all its smokey goodness. The heater was billowing warm air. My computer works. I am able to read under the yellow lamp glow…

But, first I took a walk in the feathery perfection to take pictures.

I seem to be having a problem uploading pictures, and I have more to add. I want all of you to see how beautiful and peaceful it is here today. I guess your imagination will have to fill in the blanks. It is quiet… no traffic, and no snow plows. Just sleeping Golden Retrievers and the quiet whisper of pages turning as I’m reading my book.

I hope your day is as peaceful.


Sarah’s Key

I’m reading Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana De
Rosnay, only because I have to…I’d be much happier curled up in my chair reading Anne Of Green Gables, or Gone With The Wind, or an old favorite, Mrs. Mike. Bet you’ve never heard of that one. The Cazalet Chronicles, all four volumes…Perfect!

I have such a hard time reading books that have unhappy subjects. I want to read about families drinking their tea around the kitchen table.
I want to read about secret gardens in England, the cook preparing the family tea, and the governess taking the children to the park. It’s perfect reading weather, cloudy, cold, a little rainy, and we may even have more snow. My quilt, Montana and I are loving this…