It’s All About PINK

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Do better

Do the best you know how. When you know better, do better. ~Maya Angelou


Winter Globe


I’ve knit on the sock club sock every day since we had our class. So far so good. I just wish that I could stay home and really get to work on my projects. I seem to be the queen of errand running this week. I really shouldn’t complain, as our winter weather is almost, almost spring-like! The grass is green, and the blue jays are chatting up a storm. We’ve  had a teeny little bit of rain this week, but compared to the last two months of ice and snow, what’s a little rain?

So, where was I? Oh, I know. I’ve spent most of the week in the car. Yesterday I had to go to Modesto, which is an hour and a half each way… BUT, if I want to go to Trader Joe’s, then it’s Modesto here we come! …and I do NEED Trader Joe’s chocolate croissants, among other things! Don’t you just love them?

I have two days this coming week when I have to be out of the house, but other than that I’m hoping to stay in and work on my projects.

(and I have to walk every day). Did you read that Dr. Dillen? I’m trying to get back on track. I really do love my morning power walking. At least once I actually manage to get myself out the door… It actually is when I organize my life, and everyone elses as well. If only they knew!

January Sunday

…and off topic, in this rambling post-a photographer friend suggested that I should take a picture of something familiar everyday. He suggested weather, so I’m going to try sunrises. I guess you will know if I’ve overslept or not!