Before I really start this post, I want to acknowledge 9/11. I know that I will never forget!

We are having thunder and lightning, and thankfully rain. As you know I live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and we’re in prime fire country. Keep your fingers crossed for us, as this weather is supposed to continue for a few days. Right now, I’m loving it! I love the smell of rain when I can have the windows opened!

I’m sorry that I’ve ignored my blog, but I’ve been so busy with other things… My granddaughters have been for a visit!

My vegetable garden is producing like mad. We’ve finally had tomatoes. The zucchini is overflowing my harvest basket. My knitting is flying off of the needles. The Halloween projects are moving ahead! The Autumn decorating has begun!

It’s just so busy…


We’re Back!


Tracey Arm

We have arrived home from the last wilderness. Alaska! It was just as beautiful as promised. The weather was way better than promised, as we had no rain. One day was grey and drizzly, but no rain to speak of.

The Disney Wonder

The ship was even more beautiful than I had anticipated. Our cabin was fabulous, and the service was impeccable! The food was so wonderful, that I’m not sure I can even describe it! Lets just say that I am dieting in a big way, starting tomorrow.Great Parking

Our son and Grandsons are leaving tomorrow for their new home. They have been away from Mom for about six weeks, and are so excited to be on their way. We are going to miss them BIG TIME! It will be so quiet around here, that I’m not so sure we will know what to do for a few days. The good news is that we can go visit them often, and Disneyland is on the way! I see a lot of trips in our future.


I know this post is rambling all over the place, but I’m trying to give everyone a quick catch up… It’s been a busy Summer!


My vegetable garden is just starting to produce, and I hope Summer holds out long enough that we get a few tomatoes…and I’m really hoping for pumpkins! We’ll see…

Cadillac Lounge

My little canine pumpkin, Audrey had more Mast Cell Tumors removed yesterday, and the surgery was just as traumatic as last Summer. It was her last surgery. I already feel guilty for putting her through it. Even with her pain meds, she cried all night. I can’t do it to her again.

If you came to catch up on my knitting and sewing adventures, I’ll be in the sewing room with Miss Audrey, so I’m hoping to get a few projects finished.

Stay Tuned!!

Too Tired To Talk

This is what I have done so far today…

1. I went to the Farmer’s Market, and saw my friends and had a great visit. Oh yeah, and shopped.

2. Shopped at the regular Market and the Pharmacy (not for fabric).

3. Steam cleaned the carpets.

4. Turned over the dirt in the green bean bed.

5. Planted two new plants outside the sewing room.

6. Transplanted some Purple Coneflowers outside sewing room.

7. Weeded front bed under living room window.

8. Planted petunias under living room window.

9. Moved three very heavy potted plants to back deck.

10. Made a Brisket for dinner….love it.

11. Took the dogs for the two and a half mile power walk, which is really number two, but I don’t feel like re-numbering everything…

12. I’m done.


I just checked my garden, and I have tiny little tomatoes. In June. Maybe that means that we will have homegrown, Heirloom tomatoes to eat before September. Because we live in the mountains, our garden is always way behind, and our tomatoes are only around for about a month before we have frost or snow.

Look what else is coming up…Beets! And the swiss chard is trying to sprout. I planted swiss chard twice last year, and I didn’t have even one plant. No sign of the carrots yet.

The peas, and green beans are coming along, and the zucchini is very happy with the hot weather we have been having the last few days.

My garden is very organic, and I spend a lot of time weeding, watering and looking at my plants. It is right outside my sewing studio, and I love looking at it. Anybody know how to make a scarecrow? I really don’t know how to start, and I think it would be fun in my country garden. Maybe it would scare the deer away?

I have a large crop of volunteer sunflowers that have made an appearance.

…and I think if you look closely, you can see the corn actually growing!